Dispute Case Studies

Every month we publish a new case study of a recent decision by a TDS adjudicator to explain how they reached their decision and give you advice on presenting your case in a dispute.  The Adjudication Digest is published on the Tenancy Deposit Scheme blog and here is our extensive archive. We hope this will help you put together a good case when raising a dispute with TDS.

Mike Morgan

The July 2014 Adjudication Digest is now out! In this month's case a landlord claimed £75.00 because a tenant installed a business phoneline without permission. Click here to read the case and find out the adjudicator's decision. 

Michael Morgan, Director of Dispute Resolution

Adjudication Digest

The Adjudication Digest is our monthly case study of a tenancy deposit dispute. 

  • Cleaning
  • Damage and Redecoration
  • Rent, bills, and fees
  • Tenancy agreement clauses

Quick case studies

Here are some quick case studies with key pieces of advice you for putting a good case together.

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TDS Charitable Foundation Opens Its Doors For Higher Standards In Renting

A new charity with a mission to improve standards in private rented housing management has launched its website today and is inviting applications for funding.

28th April 2014

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