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You can protect your deposits with TDS in a few easy steps. Simply create a free account with TDS, enter details of the tenancy and deposit, and proceed to checkout to protect the deposit. 

Just researching? You don’t have to protect a deposit right away. Save time by setting up a free TDS account today, and you're  ready to protect as soon as you receive the deposit.

    How much does it cost to protect a deposit? Including VAT

    Deposit Value
    (RLA and LLAS members)
    Up to £500
    Over £500


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    This is a one off fee at the start of the tenancy. It covers deposit protection for the life of the fixed term tenancy and any subsequent periodic tenancies which continue the same terms. 


    Tenancy Deposit Scheme DepositGuard


    RLA and LLAS members get lower rates using our DepositGuard membership option. 

    Visit for more details.

Requirements of Membership

Before joining TDS as a landlord, please check you meet the following criteria:

  • You are the owner of the property of the deposit you wish to protect
  • You are named as the landlord on the relevant Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • You are protecting no more than £25,000 of tenants’ deposits at any one time 
  • If registering as a limited company, it is domiciled in the UK and meets the three points above









Are you protecting over £100,000 of tenancy deposits?

If you have a large property portfolio you can join the Tenancy Deposit Scheme as a Corporate Landlord Member. 

For Corporate Landlord Membership you should meet two of the three following criteria:

  • Properties are owned by a company and not an individual
  • Value of deposits held is over £100,000
  • Total assets exceed £25,000,000





Tenancy Deposit Scheme Corporate Landlords


For an individual quote please complete and return this application form to


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Deregulation Act: TDS welcomes end to Superstrike, but landlords must act now!

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme has welcomed the new Deregulation Act, bringing important clarification to deposit protection law.

27th March 2015

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